Recovery Starts with Willingness

People generally find success in their recovery when they embrace an attitude of willingness. This attitude entails:

Willingness to do the work. Lasting change does not result from a "quick-fix", but rather the ongoing commitment to roll up one's sleeves and stick with it.

Willingness to be open to new ideas. This may start with acknowledging that what you've tried up to this point hasn't worked, so it's time to try something new.

Willingness to challenge yourself to venture outside of your comfort zone. This involves a gentle, steady push, and the willingness to feel some discomfort.

Willingness to take responsibility for your own recovery. It's not your fault that you have social anxiety, but no one else can change it but you. Abandon unhelpful habits that draw focus away from your ability to change, such as blaming, wishful thinking, and waiting for a miracle. Instead, focus on causing it to happen. Taking responsibility also means accepting that you are where you are, in large part, because of the choices you have made, including the choice to avoid.

Remember, willingness is a choice. It's not something you feel -- It's something you do. The commitment to persist with such an attitude virtually guarantees improvement.

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